Soča Rivier - Slovenië | Nuttige Informatie Voor de Zomer van 2023

Soča valley basic information

The "upper" valley of the Soča is a tourist destination in the municipalities of Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin. It is located in the north-western part of Slovenia. The Soča Valley has a rich historical heritage (World War I and the Battle of Kobarid), and it is adorned with countless natural beauties. Part of the Soča Valley area is protected under the Triglav National Park brand. This is the only national park in Slovenia that has special rules, as we strive to ensure that this area of the Soča Valley is not ruled by man, but by unspoiled nature and mountains, which are dominated by mountain animals and endemic plants. In 2003, UNESCO declared the Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve a protected area of world importance.

The valley is extending along Soča river and an area of the source of the Soča in Northwest Slovenia and all the way to Goriška region, where the valley opens up. The valley is divided into two parts, the upper Soča Valley (Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin) and the lower (Most na Soči, Kanal, Nova Gorica), and the entire valley is part of the Goriška statistical region, which borders Italy.

As already mentioned, the "upper" Soča valley is represented by three larger towns with the municipalities of the same name.

Občina Bovec

  • Population: ≈ 3 000
  • Area: 367 km²
  • Highest peak: Mangart (2679 m)

Občina Kobarid

  • Population: ≈ 4 000
  • Area: 193 km²
  • Highest peak: Krn (2244 m)

Občina Tolmin

  • Population: ≈ 11 000
  • Area: 382 km²
  • Highest peak: vrh Tolminskega Kuka (2085 m)

Summers in the valley are pleasantly warm and winters are mild, as the valley has a sub-Mediterranean climate, and is distinguished from the true Mediterranean climate by higher rainfall and lower temperatures. The largest share of rain falls in autumn and at the transition from spring to summer. The lowest precipitation is during the transition from winter to spring and in the mid-summer months.

Nearby airports:

  • Brnik Airport (Ljubljana – SLO)
    • Brnik Airport – Kobarid = 99 km
    • Brnik Airport – Tolmin = 85 km
    • Brnik Airport – Bovec = 114 km
  • Trieste Airport (ITA)
    • Trieste Airport – Kobarid = 61 km
    • Trieste Airport – Tolmin = 72 km
    • Trieste Airport – Bovec = 99 km
  • Venice Marco Polo Airport (ITA)
    • Venice Marco Polo – Kobarid = 162 km
    • Venice Marco Polo – Tolmin = 173 km
    • Venice Marco Polo – Bovec = 177 km
  • Treviso Airport (ITA)
    • Treviso Airport – Kobarid = 158 km
    • Treviso Airport – Tolmin = 169 km
    • Treviso Airport – Bovec = 173 km
  • Klagenfurt Airport (AU)
    • Klagenfurt Airport – Kobarid = 120 km
    • Klagenfurt Airport – Tolmin = 135 km
    • Klagenfurt Airport – Bovec = 98 km

Train station:

  • Most na Soči
    • Most na Soči ŽP – Kobarid = 22 km
    • Most na Soči ŽP – Tolmin = 8 km
    • Most na Soči ŽP – Bovec = 42 km

Public transport is also arranged along the Soča Valley, and during the main season, there are also additional lines intended for tourists. More at or

The official currency in the Slovenia has been the Euro (€) since 2007. In the Soča valley most providers also accept cashless payments, but we suggest that you carry some cash, especially to pay at smaller venues, parking, etc.

In the Soča Valley there are F-type plugs and sockets. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Grocery shops:

Shops in the Soča Valley open between 7 am and 8 am and close between 7 pm and 8 pm (Monday to Saturday)

There are Mercator grocery stores and smaller private providers in all the largest towns in the municipalities. In Kobarid, in addition to Mercator, there is a larger grocery store Planika, which offers local products. Tolmin is a larger place that offers the largest number of different food stores (eg: Agricultural Cooperative Tolmin (local offer), Hofer, Mercator, Eurospin). In Tolmin, it is also possible to buy electronics, tools, clothes, etc.


Sportwear shops in the Soča Valley have opening hours between 8am and 9am, they close between 7pm and 8pm (Monday to Saturday).

In Bovec and Tolmin there are sports shops with mountaineering equipment (Iglu Sport in Bovec and Intersport in Tolmin). In Bovec there are also several private providers of sportswear.

Local providers:

More at local providers list.

Gas stations:

There are petrol stations in Tolmin, Bovec, Kobarid and Most na Soči (opening hours between 6am and 7am, closing between 8.30pm and 22pm, Monday to Sunday).

The gas pump is only in Kobarid.

E-charging stations are in Kobarid, Tolmin and Bovec.

In addition to Slovene, most of the providers speak English, Italian, German and Croatian.

WiFi is available in practically all catering and accommodation providers, while there is no public WiFi in towns. LTE signal coverage is very good.

ATMs are located in the centers of Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin and are also available at gas stations.

Parking in the white zones is free, while the blue zone is either chargeable or time-limited.

In the entire Soča Valley it’s safe to drink tap water.

Medical services are available in Bovec (Kot 85, 5230 Bovec), Kobarid (Trg svobode 3a, 5222 Kobarid) in Tolmin (Prešernova ulica 6a, 5220 Tolmin).

You can also find charging stations for electric vehicles in Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin.

The international dialing code for Slovenia is +386 (00386).

Important numbers:

  • 113 - Police
  • 112 - Medical assistance, firefighters, veterinary assistance, rescue units
  • 1987 - AMZS tow truck

Citizens of the European Union do not need a visa or residence permit to enter the Slovenia. They can enter Slovenia with a valid identity card or a valid passport, regardless of the reason for entering or residing in the country - for travel, employment, studies, self-employment, relocation and the like.

Third-country nationals wishing to enter and reside in the Slovenia for the purpose of tourist, business, personal visit or other forms of residence must obtain a visa from a diplomatic consulate of the Republic of Slovenia abroad before entering the country.

WINTER – Warm and waterproof clothing (we recommend layering clothing, as the winter sun in the Soča Valley can also be very warm). We recommend hiking waterproof footwear, as the ground is usually wet, slippery or muddy.

SUMMER - Summer morning in the Soča Valley can also be cold, so we recommend a sweater or a light jacket. However, when the sun shines, the atmosphere warms up very quickly, so we wear shorts and T-shirts during the day. Don’t forget swimsuits and sandals. You need to be very well prepared when visiting the mountains.

In the Soča Valley, it is also possible to rent a car and other motor vehicles.

Nightlife is a bit more lively in Bovec, while in Kobarid and Tolmin most bars close between 11pm and 12pm.

Camping along the road and outside campsites is prohibited between 10 pm and 6 am.

We advise you to consult before booking accommodation whether the provider is pet friendly or not.


In the valley there are several providers - sports agencies, which rent equipment for cycling, water sports and hiking. They are located in all major towns of the Soča Valley - in Tolmin, Kobarid and Bovec. There is also the possibility of renting equipment in some campsites.

Among the best locations for paragliding are Kobala (municipality of Tolmin), Stol (municipality of Kobarid) and Mangartsko sedlo (municipality of Bovec). It is also possible to get a ride to the take-off locations.

Rafting and kayaking on the Soča River is allowed from 15 March to 31 October, from 9 am to 6 pm. The best time to engage sports on Soča river is in July and August when the river is warmest, while the outside temperatures climb to 30 degrees Celsius.

A permit is required for rafting and kayaking on the Soča river (on your own


o Especially for recreational hikers, the best time to visit the mountains in the Soča Valley is between April and October. In the winter, it is often necessary to use crampons and ice axes, while the danger of the avalanches is higher (especially in the Kanin and other mountains higher than 2000 m).


Soča: The Soča River is one of the coldest rivers in Slovenia. The temperature of the river depends on the location, in summer, when the river is warmest, it is around 13 degrees in Bovec, 14 degrees in Kobarid and around 15 degrees Celsius in Tolmin

Nadiža: It is considered one of the warmest rivers in the Soča Valley, in summer when the river is warmest, it warms up above 20 degrees Celsius.

Jezero Most na Soči: The lake is around 16-17 degrees Celsius in the summer months.


  • Slap Kozjak (Kobarid)
  • Gregorčičev slap (Vrsno) – demanding terrain
  • Slap Svino (Kobarid)
  • Slap Curk (Drežniške Ravne)
  • Slap Krampež in Supot (Drežnica)


  • Slap Sopota (Kneža)
  • Slap Beri (Poljubinj)


  • Slap Boka (Žaga)
  • Virje (Bovec)
  • Slap Pršjak (Dolenja Trebuša)
  • Potok Predelica s slapovi (Log pod Mangartom)
  • Potok Sušec s slapovi (Srpenica)

Fishing season timing depends on the type of fish, but in principle, begins in late March and ends by the end of October.


Slovenia and the Soča Valley are among the safest and greenest tourist destinations in the world.

  • Ticks
  • Snakes (horned viper, common European adder)