Izvir Tolminke

Tolminka is a mountain river, which springs in several places at the foot of Mt. Osojnica at altitude of 680 m and is considered one of the most important springs of alpine karst. A walk to this magical place is a real tribute to the primeval nature surrounded by towering mountains. Many pools and the tinkle of water will fill you with energy and repay you for every hour of walking.

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In the Tolminka valley stands the Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca. The church is dedicated to all the Austro-Hungarian soldiers, who fought in...

Krnsko jezero

Pinched between the slopes of two mountains, Mt. Veliki Lemež (2042 m) and Mt. Mali Šmohor (1939 m) lies the Krn lake. Mt. Krn (2244 m), which gave a lake its...

Vojaška kapela na Planici

Italian military chapel is placed on the Krn mountain range, between Planica and Pleče. Another sight and reminder of the horrible war happening right there.

Dantejeva jama

Zadlaška or Dante's Cave is located in the area of famous Tolmin Gorge. It is one of many caves through which waters of the Soča glacier flowed. The cave...