Sports agencies in Soča valley

The Soča Valley already invites with its wonderful natural ambience, the emerald river Soča and the alpine peaks above it, as well as with numerous cultural and historical sights that enrich the characteristic pulse of life in the valley.

Many visitors will be more interested in adrenaline adventures than these attractions, with which the Soča Valley is establishing itself as a popular tourist center for adventurers of all kinds! The offer of extreme sports and other outdoor activities is really varied, but also unique - many activities take place on the Soča river or its tributaries, so the same experience could not be expected anywhere else. Among the biggest attractions of this kind stands out rafting on the Soča, which is often the first activity that tourists want to try. Rafting is ideal for families and groups, but it is possible to find many other options in the varied offer of local sports agencies. The same goes for kayaking, which is also a popular choice for descents on the Soča river, and for a slightly different experience you can also choose river bobsleigh or hydrospeed. An even more adventurous experience is offered by the canyoning, which leads through the varied canyons of the tributaries of the Soča river.

There is no need to go on the waves for a wonderful experience, attractive activities are also carried out on solid ground. Cycling expeditions to breathtaking viewpoints are popular, and hiking in the surrounding hills offers even better views. A zip line offers a more adrenaline-fueled experience, and you may prefer climbing or even exploring caves, while the most adventurous can enjoy a parachute flights. So there are more than enough choices, every adventurer will find the right activities for their taste. With the help of a list of sports agencies, you can complement your visit to the Soča Valley by choosing the ideal activities that will make up an unforgettable experience of your vacation. We present a range of reputable sports agencies that offer professionally guided adrenaline activities and other services in the Soča region, which you can use to spend your vacation in the Soča Valley.