Restaurants in Soča valley

The tempting culinary offer is definitely one of the biggest attractions that invite visitors from near and far to the Soča Valley! In order to fully enjoy the richness of the local cuisine, we offer you an organized list of restaurants in one place, which delight even the greatest gourmets with their specialties.

All three main tourist centers in the Soča Valley offer top-quality restaurants, in which the menu mainly features local specialties. You will certainly be able to find something good to eat at any time nearby, you can choose between local specialties as well as those dishes that are always very tasty - when exploring gourmet delicacies, a piece of pizza or some fires are sometimes a must. For a short break and a drink or a scoop of ice cream, you can stop at one of the cafes or pastry shops, which also have an interesting offer. Extremely tempting delicacies can also be found on the stands, which appear in the centers of larger towns during the summer, as well as at other local providers who sell home-grown delicacies.

The culinary arts of the Soča Valley represent quite a few local specialties, as well as an interesting mixture of Alpine, Mediterranean and, last but not least, Venetian cuisine. At the heart of the culinary offer are some typical local specialties. Fish dishes, especially freshly caught trout, are popular, and locally sourced ingredients, such as homemade cheeses, mushrooms and meats, are often used in cooking. Every visitor must try the frika (potato-cheese omelette), čompe (baked potato with cottage cheese) and štruklji (sweet pastry with walnuts and cottage cheese)! In order to be able to find in the wide culinary offer those specialties that will make your palates especially tender, we have prepared a detailed overview of the offer of restaurants in the Soča Valley. The list of restaurants presents providers of local specialties, you will easily find the right restaurant for a very special culinary experience, as well as a place for a quick snack or drink. Each restaurant has a brief overview of the offer and a detailed description and of course the location on the map so that you can easily find it.