Local products in Soča valley

One of the unique features of the Soča Valley is the tempting offer of local delicacies, especially indigenous culinary specialties from home production.

This is a key component of the characteristic pulse of life in the valley- local providers are engaged in the production of various products, which are also available to visitors. Products of this type are created as a product of agricultural activities and handicrafts, thus offering a unique insight into the life and habits of the local population.Quite a few typical Soča products originate from the field of cuisine, which is already noticeable when reviewing the autochthonous dishes of the Soča Valley. On the slopes of the peaks above the river Soča, there are mountains where farmers offer mountain cheeses in the summer, in the valley you can find home-grown honey from beekeepers, and there are also farmers who offer fresh fruit. Among the fruit products, it is worth mentioning home-made jams, juices, and spirits, and you can also find home-made meats from local suppliers, which are also quite popular.

Such local providers present a very wide range of different products that can diversify your visit. In addition to all home-grown products, you will also notice the offer of handmade products, such as natural cosmetics and wooden decorative products. It is definitely worth browsing this offer as well, as you will certainly find a lucky souvenir in it, but perhaps discovering local specialties of this kind will make a special impression! Local providers are rarely included in maps and tourist guides, and they also hide in some more remote villages and less accessible corners. Therefore, we have prepared a comprehensive list of local providers with detailed presentations, so you will certainly not miss the special offer that makes the Soča Valley an even more attractive destination for both domestic and foreign visitors.