Muzej od planine do Planike

The Posočje is characterized by the millennial tradition and heritage of mountain pasture and cheese-making. The first mention of the mountains is already evident in written sources from the 12th and 13th centuries. Today’s Mlekarna Planika was created based on this heritage and preserved tradition.

The tradition on the surrounding mountains is still alive. Mountain pastures are mostly located in the hills of the Soča valley, above 1,000 meters above sea level. In the museum, visitors can also see an old cheese making facility with fire under a caldron and an archival cellar, where the matured Tolminc cheeses ripen. Visitors can also see a mountain lodge with all the necessary equipment for processing of milk into cheese, which has been and is still used in the mountains of the Soča Valley.

In the modern equipped market in Kobarid, in addition to all the products of Mlekarna Planika, you can purchase foods for the needs of a modern household, products from local suppliers, from sheep’s cheese, honey to fruit and vegetables, meat and meat products from local and other producers.

The offer includes hardware and building materials, agricultural materials and appliances, telephony, flowers, everything for gardening, and a rich offer of gift program.

Visitors will be especially pleased with the corner »Po domače malo drugače«, where we offer products and souvenirs of local artisans, handmade products, and exclusively local and home produced food of various manufacturers in Slovenia.

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To visit Kobarid we can take two main paths, from Tolmin or Bovec. On both paths we are accompainied by river Soča andour views are taken with the beauty of...