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Apartments, restaurants, sport activities and local products in Soča valley

A visit to the Soča Valley is a wonderful experience for anyone who likes to spend their free time in the embrace of unspoiled nature and attractive outdoor activities. The invaluable value of your trip is added by the hospitality of the Soča Valley, which invites with a rich offer of accommodation, cuisine, events, and activities - so you can make the most of your free time and create an unforgettable experience!

The main attraction of the Soča Valley is certainly the beautiful ambience, which in itself opens up many opportunities for a pleasant leisure time. Wandering along well-kept natural paths, admiring the Soča River, wandering the surrounding hills… The valley offers a whole range of picturesque natural attractions that attract visitors from near and far, but also hundreds of lesser-known idyllic corners that you can explore on your own.




Sport activities

No less attractive is the offer of extreme sports, and other leisure activities, which are carried out in an idyllic natural environment. These places are establishing themselves as a center of sport tourism, and the range of possibilities is only growing from year to year. Most visitors swear by the classic choices, such as rafting on the Soča river, but you can also choose a kayak or water bobsleigh downhill. The ideal choice for exploring the environment is canyoning, some extra adrenaline is brought by the zip-line, and we should certainly mention parachuting, which is one of the most attractive options. Each visitor can opt for guided activities, or they can explore the surroundings on foot or by bicycle.

Local products and culinary

For the full use of free time and the best experience in all these activities, it pays to take advantage of the offer of local tourist agencies and other tourist providers, who with their hospitality invite domestic and foreign visitors to the valley. Even though the places of the Soča Valley are quite small, you can expect an extremely rich range of different accommodation options, culinary offerings, social events, and other options that are key to a pleasant holiday. The highlight is the providers of typical local specialties, especially producers of home-made meat, honey, cheese, and other dairy products.

Natural sights in the Soča Valley

Muzej od planine do Planike - Kobarid
Muzej od planine do Planike

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