Town lays on the edge of Bovec Valley, which is sourrounded with peaks of majestic mountains around. We can say, it's a tipical alpine village, enriched with variety of turistical attractions.

Many arheological findings are proof that the valley was colonized in early years.

Bovec is also a area of past battlefields, just like Tolmin and Kobarid. Various remains, fortresses, trenches, caverns and cementeries are explaining us the historical events.

Fortress Kluže is sight, that holds a memory of defences during first world war, defences against turkish invasions and also a memory of Napoleon army.

However, Bovec scenery and nature is what captivates us truly.

Firstly, it is fair to mention the source of the river Soča itself, which is located in Trenta, just a couple of kilometres from Bovec. It is known as the most beautiful Karst source, flowing from a cave.

Bovec Valley has many water treasures, such as The Šunik water grove, Virje waterfall, Boka waterfall, breath-taking Small and Great Soča Gorges, and also charming Krn Lake, which is located beneath the majestic Krn.

Beautiful Bovec Valley, full of natural sights, was therefore a perfect place to found a numerous tourist and sports agencies. Those can make your days in the valley full of adrenaline with paddeling down the Soča river, zip-line through the canyons or with guided hikings or cycling tours on variety of different trails. Your only job is to trust them and enjoy the ride.

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Slap Virje

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Trdnjava Kluže

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Slap Boka

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